IPRNs are a very convenient way to bill customers
Depending on the services you provide, Premium numbers can be used as a platform for micro payment. Service providers like TV Chanels, Radio chanels, New papers, Magazines, Professionals like Lawyers Doctors, etc can use Premium Rate numbers to bill their customers
Wide Range Of International Premium Rate Numbers
We offer a wide range of International Premium Rate Numbers. Our team of telecom specialists having years of experience and contacts, has resulted in tieups with several carriers and telecom companies across the globe.

You can select from a vast list of Termination numbers from over 20 countries depending upon your requirement.
Carefully Crafted Customer Control Panel
Our Customer Control panel is carefully crafted to provide you with indepth statistics of your calls. You can even add or give back numbers to the system automatically.

Our Multi tier system, enables you to add resellers under your account. Automation and ease of use is what our software system is all about. Once you have tasted the same, others would feel medevial.
Dedicated Customer Support
Incase you need support, we have a diligent staff to guide you via email, chat . We also provide various mode of payments. Bank Wire Transfers, Western Union. Depending upon pay terms, we provide Weekly, Bi Monthly and Monthly Payments.
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