How do I register and create an account?
Please fill out our registration form. Link is as follows. (Register Here)
Some one from our team will contact you shortly.
How do I get numbers?
You can use our test numbers for varoius terminations, to check access to the numbers. Once you decide on which termination numbers you need, you can get them automatically from the panel. Similarly, if you no longer use the numbers, you can return them back to the system pool.
How do I get paid?
We provide various modes of Payouts. Bank wire transfers, Western Union.
What are the payment terms?
Depending on the terms you select, we pay Weekly, Bi Monthly and Monthly.
Minimum Payouts is 100 USD.
Can calls to numbers be forwarded?
Our system enabled you to play your IVR by hosting it on our servers.
We can also forward calls to your system incase you wish to host the IVR.
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